Should I really be in business? (Coaching Stories)

Last week, a young business owner approached me burdened by doubts and a lack of confidence. Despite delivering excellent work, she struggled to attract quality clients due to her disparate background in the industry. During our session, we focused on shifting her self-perception and language, uncovering her strengths through exercises like the Victory Log and […]

Are you Strategic HR or HR Admin? (Coaching Stories)

Most HR folks struggle to evolve from being a stellar operational executive to change agent. They want to feel like they are making a difference – but even after few years of experience, they get sucked into the whirlpool of complaints, issues and crises that they are always firefighting. And then the salt on the […]

Manager needs feedback! (Coaching Stories)

Recently, I had a chat with a dynamic young professional who needed some advice on prepping for her appraisal chat. She was feeling pretty frustrated with her manager’s behavior and wasn’t sure how to handle it – she felt she needed to get her manager to be aware of his actions. Her manager’s tendency of […]

The motivation puzzle

One of the things I often hear business founders/leaders say is that they don’t feel others are pulling their weight for the salary they are paid. They expect responsible, accountable team members who can foresee what is required, jump into action, please customers, and also be extremely grateful and positive about everything in the company. They […]

Reset Period

April and May have been focused primarily on family and friends – short spurts of family functions, quick getaways to nearby places, exploring nature, coffee catch-up with friends, and long drives to hill stations and forests. Watching the river, sea, sky, forest, leaves, trees, and animals, gave me a chance to refresh, reset and rejuvenate. […]


Whenever someone wants to dismiss a possible candidate or successor to a position, in recent times, I have heard them use the word gravitas, or rather the lack of gravitas. This led me to think about what is gravitas and whether it can be developed. And do I have gravitas and what are the things […]

Original thinkers?

Adam Grant’s TED talk explains a concept called quick starter-slow finisher. It’s based on a lot of research and is definitely worth watching a couple of times as a reminder. I would recommend once a quarter Adam Grant’s TED talk explains a concept called quick starter-slow finisher. It’s based on a lot of research and is […]

Manager, manager on the wall

As a manager you are responsible for your team members’: Selection 2. Induction 3. Performance 4. Performance support 5. Learning and development 6. Growth 7. Recognition and reward 8. Employability 9. Engagement Some of these are easy to measure. The danger is that you are not held accountable for any of this. Nobody can say […]


When I attended the first training on anti-sexual harassment, I was upset on how the Bill was only women centric and harassment of men was not even considered. Being a woman who has been fortunate to be given strength and confidence I always thought it should not be that difficult. However, more I read about […]

The Art and Science of Coaching

A gush of thoughts overwhelm the mind Bones try to remember the limbic, visual and more Hold your space they told Creating confusion in our brain that was already sore As students, we all began that journey anew Letting the murky water run its course stilling our minds to create a new brew like the […]