The motivation puzzle

Photo by Graham Burton:

One of the things I often hear business founders/leaders say is that they don’t feel others are pulling their weight for the salary they are paid. They expect responsible, accountable team members who can foresee what is required, jump into action, please customers, and also be extremely grateful and positive about everything in the company.

They claim they cannot understand why people are behaving otherwise.

In most cases, it often boils down to communication and trust.

How often do the business leaders share their reasons, their decisions, and their concerns? How often do they listen genuinely to the realities that are at the ground level? How often do they engage their teams to support the business through a problem, working alongside the team?

Do they share a ‘dil ka connection’? Do they genuinely care for each individuals’ achievements and struggles? All this contributes to the sense of belonging and creates the drive to do more for the organisation.

Unfortunately, most business owners are very busy people and spend less than 10% of their time on these things – specifically communicating and listening. They cannot expect magic without investing in this is what I have to say.