Should I really be in business? (Coaching Stories)

Last week, a young business owner approached me burdened by doubts and a lack of confidence. Despite delivering excellent work, she struggled to attract quality clients due to her disparate background in the industry.

During our session, we focused on shifting her self-perception and language, uncovering her strengths through exercises like the Victory Log and Reflected Self-Best. Witnessing her realization of her capabilities was truly inspiring.

We also worked on enhancing her communication skills, outlining actionable steps for her to follow through. By the end of our conversation, she exuded newfound confidence and positivity.

Additionally, we explored setting clear targets regarding the type of clients she aimed to work with and devised strategies to find them effectively. As she left, she carried with her a renewed determination, prioritizing three key actions to propel her towards her goals.

The partnership marked not just a coaching session but a step towards empowerment and action.