I am ….

PC: Karl Starkey, Pexels Too many times in our career we need to introduce ourselves. Writing down and practising the introduction in advance is very helpful and is often referred to as the 'elevator pitch'. Here are a few points to get you started: Avoid starting with 'Myself'. Always say with pride 'Hi/Hello. I am … Continue reading I am ….


Oh yeah! It's in two days! And I am excited. I can't be called a real film buff - I am not knowledgeable enough for that title :). Honestly, marriage made me discover two loves - cinema and chaats. A little gratitude to my dear husband for dragging me willingly into this world of movies. … Continue reading IFFK

Dream Big!

#ramblingsalert It's 2.5 years of a journey for me with eWIT Trivandrum and this year we have launched two ambitious projects. To confess, despite being the 'big picture' person I am, I did not believe in either of them initially. To my surprise, I realised I had become the cautious nay-sayer in the team and … Continue reading Dream Big!