Manager, manager on the wall

As a manager you are responsible for your team members’:

1. Selection
2. Induction
3. Performance
4. Performance support
5. Learning and development
6. Growth
7. Recognition and reward
8. Employability
9. Engagement

Some of these are easy to measure. The danger is that you are not held accountable for any of this. Nobody can say for sure you did your job or you did not. And you won’t get any kudos for doing it either!

So why do it? When you take up manager responsibility, you have let go of your power to get things done by yourself. While this doesn’t mean you get everything done by someone else, it does mean using influence appropriately. The issue is most managers like to use their position or title as manager to get things done. However the real deal and long lasting effect is when there is genuine trust and influence.

As Managers, our first job is to observe and introspect….ourselves. Reflect on how you and your team get things done and whether they align with being an effective team. Taking responsibility for your own behaviour first before blaming others is the hallmark of a good first step towards being a better manager. Which is why this post is titled – mirror on the wall 🙂

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